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Business Tech Support

Business Tech Support entails providing one time service to clients. This can include supply and delivery of computer stationery with main focus on county governments and small businesses.


ICT Consultancy

This involves long term relationship with clients by imply aligning IT systems to business processes and overall objectives of the business.

This will include:

  1. IT Training and Knowledge transfer focusing on institutions like Counties and organization that wants to improve capacity of their employees.
  2. Consultancy on leading ERP systems like Navison, SAP and Oracle suites.
  3. Partner with other ERP vendors for services like implementation and user support.
  4. Reselling or Offering value added services for products like Google suite and managing licensed software e.g Microsoft windows.


Web Development

We develop web app systems and do software customization. We plan to develop our own distributor management system in the near future.


Computers & Accessories Supply

We supply computers and together with their accessories on request.


Mobile Application Development

We develop mobile applications which we integrate with web application hosted in the cloud and at clients platform as well.


BI Solutions

We offer Business intelligence tools and Solutions helping businesses and managers in making informed decisions. We use both primary & secondary data and connection to social media platform for data mining to perform relevant analytics and interactive dashboards.